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Anticipated Projects


  • Installed 46 hanging baskets on the lightposts down Canton Street and Historic Roswell Square.
  • Installed 13 large planters on Canton Street and Historic Roswell Square.  



  • Installed professional lighting at Historic Roswell Square to highlight the park’s old trees, fountain, and flags.
Professional lighting in Historic Roswell Town Square.


  • Repaired sidewalk steps in the Historic District
  • Installed pavers on sidewalks
  • Power washed aggregate and concrete walkways
  • Purchased trash receptacles
  • Restored historic trash receptacles made by late Roswell blacksmith Ken Moss
  • Controlled weeds in the sidewalk areas
  • Cleaned up the retaining wall and trimmed trees surrounding Barrington Hall


  • Performed major tree care on Canton Street, Heart of Roswell Park, and Historic Roswell Square which consists of raising canopies, improving sight lines, and removing dead limbs.


We hope to undertake these projects:

  • Refinish/restore neglected park benches on Canton Street
  • Design and install decorative banners along Canton Street
  • Replace declining/dying trees on Elizabeth Way
  • Clean light post lanterns on Canton Street
  • Professionally light the Heart of Roswell Park

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